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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 28, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight a last ditch effort to avoid fiscal cliff is underway. both parties calling for an agreement as the deadline nears. >> but tonight we are going to
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begin with a winter weather alert, another round of snow heading our way. thanks for joining us tonight. a winter weather advisory for the d.c. area will go into effect in just a few hours. fox 5's gary mcgrady has the latest tonight. >> thanks a lot. cold out there tonight is the first thing you'll notice. the snow is still hours away now. temperatures outside really dropping out in the suburbs, frederick right now 28, baltimore 32, here in town holding at 38 degrees, manassas is freezing, culpeper freezing, winchester freezing, martinsburg below. once this precipitation overspreads the area, i think it's going to start as all snow, here's what we're talking about. we're already beginning to see the faintest of returns back out to the west just about to cross over into at least parts of extreme western virginia. most of west virginia is covered up with some sort of
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precipitation now. distinct rain/snow line, too and the snow is falling around towards indiana up towards ohio, but cold air is in place, so we will get a pretty rapid changeover to some light snow it looks like overnight tonight. listen, this is not a big storm. it does look like it's going to become a big storm after it passes us by. it looks like most of the areas will have snow before sunrise. i think some areas may have it as soon as 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. been watching this closely all night checking the new information coming in. the trend would have to be now less snow for d.c., maybe a little more rain getting mixed into that. at least that's what the models trend to tonight, definitely most of the accumulation to the north and west, probably talking 2 to 3 inches up towards frederick county, northern montgomery county and out towards loudoun county and by tomorrow afternoon late day all this precipitation will be out of here. listen, weather advisory is in
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place. we'll talk about that in the full forecast and show you how enough snow we think we'll get in the city and where -- how much snow we think we'll get in the city and where most of the snow will be in the north and west. the district is preparing for the weekend winter weather. the d.c. snow team is expecting up to an inch of snow and then rain. plows have been out dale putting a salt mixture on the roads to prepare for the rain/snow mixture. by 4 a.m. crews will be out in full force salting and plowing the roadways paying extra attention to the bridges, overpasses and hilly areas. >> if you don't have to be on the road until later in the morning, hold back on your errands and give us a chance to work the roads. >> we checked with some local stores and people are getting ready, too. we're told customers have been stocking up on ice melt and shovels. as the clock ticks down towards the fiscal cliff, president obama says he is hopeful to get a deal done
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soon. the president held talks today with congressional leaders at the white house this afternoon and afterwards said the meeting was constructive. fox's nicole collins has the details tonight. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner back in washington immediately heading to the white house for a late afternoon fiscal cliff meeting which brought the president and congressional leaders together for the first time since november, but it's unclear if it brought country any closer to avoiding the fiscal cliff. >> i'm modestly optimistic that an agreement can be achieved. nobody is going to get 100% of what they want, but let's make sure that middle class families and the american economy and, in fact, the world economy aren't adversely impacted because people can't do their jobs. >> reporter: the president called the meeting as lawmakers pointed fingers in this high stakes game of chicken. >> it's republicans who are holding hostage the middle class in america so that the wealthy don't have to pay their fair share. >> we need two words, presidential leadership on not
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just taxing rich people, we could tax all the rich people and cut their heads off and it wouldn't help the medicare fiscal cliff. >> reporter: with time running out hopes for a grand bargain have diminished with talk now of a smaller deal that extend bush tax rate for the middle class and extends unemployment benefits but puts off major spending cuts and reform to entitlements like medicare. >> we're going to end up with a small kick the can down the road bill that creates another fiscal cliff to deal with this fiscal cliff. >> reporter: with expectations for a deal low, lawmakers are now talking about how to retroactively fix any damage done by going over the cliff in the new congress. in washington nicole collins, fox news. we are, of course, going to have much more on the fiscal cliff negotiations coming up at 10:30. a republican and democratic strategist will face off here and talk about the prospects for reaching a deal. a strike that could have shut down ports all over the east coast have been averted for now. the longshoremen union along
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the east coast and the gulf of mexico says it will extend its contract for the next 30 days. that extension prevented a possible strike which could have crippled operations at ports that handle nearly half of all cargo in the united states including in our area at the port of baltimore. we have breaking news tonight out of prince george's county where we are following a deadly fire in a townhome in green belt. you're looking live at the scene on laurel hill road. the flames broke out an hour ago. fire investigators say one person is dead in this fire, two others in the hospital, but with nonlife threatening injuries. no word yet on a cause. a news alert from the district, d.c. police want to talk with these two men they are calling persons of interest in the murder of a man on capitol hill. the victim, jason emma, was shot and killed monday while he
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sat in his car on c street northeast blocks from his home. emma grew up in arlington county and had just recently moved to capitol hill to live with his friends. police want to hear from anyone who can help them catch emma's killers. three suspected car thieves are in custody after they led police on a wild chase through prince george's county and then into the district. it came to an end on southern avenue in southeast this morning when the stolen car hit one vehicle and then slammed into a metrobus. the bus driver and a passenger on board were hurt. their injuries are not considered serious. a man is under arrest accused of robbing a bank in d.c. it happened at suntrust bank at dupont circle. investigators say 57-year-old scott puhr was tape into custody in the dupont circle metro station. they tracked him down thanks to a gps unit in the money bag. police say the same suspect also pulled off another bank robbery.
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that one was two days ago at suntrust bank on 17th street northwest. the gun demaybe the front front and center ever since -- debate has been front and center ever since the newtown, connecticut school shooting two weeks ago. while some call for stricter laws others are arming up to line themselves concerned their guns could be taken -- to arm themselves concerned their guns could be taken a way. >> reporter: you think some people like their guns? look at this. the line to get into this weekend's gun show hundreds and hundreds waiting two hours before the doors opened at 3:00 this afternoon. >> with all the political issues and all that i think there is more people that weren't interested in guns before and they are now. >> reporter: with talk of new gun control legislation in response to the shootings at sandy hook elementary school a crackdown that gun enthusiasts say wouldn't work. >> no lawful gun owner would
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even think about doing something like that. >> reporter: inside the dulles expo center there are guns, ammunition and more guns, even machine guns for sale. >> there's a very active shooting markup on machine guns where people will get together and actually shoot machine guns all day long. >> reporter: in two national polls taken since the newtown massacre nearly half and in the other nearly 60% of those asked said they support some form of enhanced gun control in this country. >> i'll tell you what will stop a bad guy with a gun. a good guy with a gun. >> get your hands out of the stands. we need an assault weapons ban! >> reporter: outside the expo center members of code pink are calling for a ban on assault rifles and high capacity ammunition magazines. >> we need a rational gun policy and we need to get that policy out of the hands of the nra bullies. >> reporter: in district
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heights, maryland, today about two dozen men, women and children gathered outside a gun shop they say helps contribute to gun violence in our communities. >> my nephew who lived in richmond, virginia, was killed about five years ago from a gun. so yeah, i know what it like. >> the protests will come -- what it's like. >> the protests will come. make no mistake about that, but today is prayer time. >> reporter: they say guns send too mto their graves or prison. >> my basic pint and point i try to make in my preaching -- point and point i try to make in my preaching is we must not rely on violence to resolve our problems. >> reporter: the owner of the gun store he doesn't give interviews, never has, never will. the nra back here is offering a deal, join up and get into the gun show for free. the victims of a deadly
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accident in springfield were apparently on their way to a funeral. this happened last night at the springfield interchange where 95 meets the beltway. police say an 87-year-old man from pennsylvania was driving a pickup truck. that pickup truck drove into the back of a tractor trailer. the 87-year-old driver and his two passengers were killed. the three were related heading to florida to attend a funeral service. less than 48 hours away from the sunday showdown redskins/cowboys, the winner takes the division. up next the game is the hottest ticket in town, how you can still get one, plus we talk to rg3 about the heated dallas rivalry. >> later on the news edge new information released from the fbi about actress marilyn monroe has some interesting details about her life. why were they investigating her in the first place? details coming up tonight at 11:00. 
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the epicenter of the nfl
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world will be fedex field sunday night, the redskins hosting the cowboys with everything at stake. fox 5's lindsay murphy is here with more on sunday's showdown. lindsay? >> never has it felt more like dallas week than right now. this rivalry which dates back to 1960 and spans 105 games had lost some of its fire the last couple years as the redskins struggled to be relevant in the division and the league, but when the whistle blows sunday, these two teams may take it back old school because they are both fighting for all the marbles, the nfc east crown and a postseason berth and dallas week is a new concept for some rookies, but one they already understand after playing the cowboys thanksgiving day. in the redskins victory griffin threw four touchdown passes and morris ran for 113 yards and one score. no need to explain the history. >> we're fresh into this rivalry, but we can definitely sense how the fans feel, how some of the guys that have been
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here for many years feel about the cowboys and that's the mindset we have to take on because we're not just doing it for ourselves. we're doing it for them. we're doing it for the fans. i know the fans will make sure the stadium is electric and we'll definitely have a home field advantage. >> at the same time you don't need to add any extra pressure to yourself. it's another game. we have a lot on the line, but you can't let that pressure get to you. go out and have fun and do what you've been doing. >> those two are always cool, calm and collected. in case you were not convinced this is the biggest game in years, this is the first time since 1979 the redskins and cowboys have met in the final regular season game with playoff implications for both teams. just a little bit big sunday night at 8:20. >> don't you love how the players try to say it's just another game. >> i think if they get all excited that, could throw them off a little bit. your son is just the same way i'm sure. >> fingers crossed.
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thank you. if you are looking for a ticket for the game and who is not? good luck. the price is pretty high and as fox 5's matt ackland shows us, it's not just fedex field where fans are shelling out big bucks for sunday's big game. >> pro bowl first time out. >> reporter: at the redskins store at fedex field the excitement level is high and the checkout lines are long. >> how's business? >> great. breaking records. >> reporter: if you're still looking for a ticket, you'll have to dig deep into your pockets. we checked online and found tickets going as high as $9,000. nose bleed seats, for 450 bucks. you going to be here? >> i wish i could. pricey tickets. tickets are pricey now. >> reporter: but some are ready to pay. >> we're going online trying to get some tickets and it's going to be rough, but we're going to try. >> reporter: it's definitely not going to be a cheap evening to come to the game. on top of those high ticket
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prices, well, there are also some people who are accepting their parking spot. we saw as high as $75 to get a space up close. but for those who can't get a ticket, the beer will be flowing and the kitchen very busy at big play sport grill in college park. >> i think they're going to win. >> reporter: all 18 big screen tvs will be turned to the redskins sunday night. >> for us we definitely double up on staff. we make sure we have enough staff to support all the people coming in, double up on food and drink orders throughout the week so that we can be prepared for sunday so that every one can get what they want. >> reporter: these days it's not just the redskins who are winning. ticket holders are making out. business owners are pulling in extra cash and who can resist stocking up on new redskins gear? >> how do you like this? >> reporter: at fedex field, matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> since 1960 the
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washington/dallas game has been called one of the best rivalries in professional sports and sunday's game is one of the most highly anticipated games of the nfl season. mike richmond has written two books about the team and joined us on fox 5 morning news. >> this is a marquis match-up. actually -- marquee match-up, actually this is the first time since 1979 the two teams have met where there's been playoff implications for both squads. there have been other implications like 1976 the redskins were bidding for a playoff spot. the cowboys had locked up the nfc east, same thing in 1996 at rfk. 2007 the sean taylor year the cowboys had already won the division, but this game is huge. many people are envious of the cowboys. they hold this mystique and actually there's like a sense of arrogance about them, big star on the helmets, hole in the ceiling at texas stadium, now in the new stadium where
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god can watch them play. so you just want to stick it to the cowboys, maybe envious is the wrong way to describe it, but there's like this hatred toward the cowboys. >> right. >> you can see the entire interview on our website at coming up as we continue here at 10:00, we'll have an update on former president george h.w. bush who is still in intensive care tonight. >> plus an anti-adoption law is officially on the books in russia. we will find out how it is impacting families in our area next. 
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former president george h.w. bush is still in intensive care tonight, but a spokesman says he's improving. the former president has been in a houston hospital since november 23rd where he is being treated for a cough and
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bronchitis. the 40 first president was moved to -- the 41st president was moved to intensive care on sunday when he developed fever. the former president is alert and in good spirits and reported to have been singing with his doctors and his nurses. something that's happened thousands of miles away has families in the u.s. very upset. the president of russia signed a ban that would prevent americans from adopting children in russia. 60,000 children have been adopted by american families in the last 20 years. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, the ban will change a lot of lives. >> reporter: a photo of the orphanage where nadia green spent her early years. >> i was little, i was so lonely in the orphanage i used to cry at night and i just feel bad for all the girls and boys that are like alone there. >> reporter: nadia says she was well cared for, but it was not like having a family until
10:25 pm
americans barbara porter and jerry green arrived. >> this is when we brought them play-doh. we sort of introduced them to play-doh at the orphanage. >> reporter: in 2003 the couple brought nadia and her brother victor home to virginia. nadia is now 14, her brother 16. this week the family has been watching the news with great interest and sadness. russian president vladimir putin just signed a bill that bans americans from adopting in russia. >> it interferes with the future of many, many people. >> we know what it's like to wait. when we went, we got to meet them in march. we had to wait till june to get them. i can't even imagine people that have children in the pipeline and they never get them out. those are the stories that just are gut wrenching. >> reporter: lauren koch works for the national council for adoption. >> there are approximately 46 families who have been matched with a child that are current any process that feel like these children are a family member already. i can't imagine having to be that person that says you're not going to bring that child home or worse looking into the eyes of the little child in the
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russian orphanage saying mommy and daddy aren't coming to get you after all of. >> reporter: the new law prompted outcry from some in russia. koch just hopes the government there honors a bilateral agreement it made with the u.s. state department last month. it could essentially grandfather those families already in the pipeline. they're not waiting, but even so barbara porter is worried. >> they also have a little brother that's still in russia and we feel that our efforts to try to locate him and have some kind of reunion with him might be hampered by this particular bill and we've been told by the people arranging the trim for us that it might be tough to take them back right now, that americans who have adopted russians may not be welcome. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. coming up we'll take another look at the fiscal cliff and what it is going to take to get a deal done. our gop and democratic strategists are standing by to dive into that debate. >> and christmas is over, but
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the deals are still out there. you'll find out what is expected to drop in price as we head into the new year.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. back to our top story, we are just three days way from reaching the fiscal cliff -- away from reaching the fiscal cliff. this afternoon president obama held talks with congressional leaders at the white house. the president says he is hopeful a deal can be reached in order to avoid automatic tax increases and spending cuts come january 1st. senator harry reid and mitch mcconnell are trying to hammer out a deal the house might approve, but the house is ticking. joining us now are our political strategists. brendan, the president today said is he going to have senator mcconnell, senator reid start off on this package, but
10:31 pm
doesn't that eliminate a big player in this, which is john boehner, if this has to get passed through the house? >> certainly and he's been talking with the speaker all along. i think he's basically saying the house is really at an impasse. i don't think they can pass it on their own, but if there's a bipartisan deal that senate republicans and senate democrats can pass, the speaker's office indicated they may bring it up in the house even if they only get 1/3 or 1/2 of the republicans, if there are enough democrats, it can pass in the house. that's really been the problem. the speaker wants to bring a bill and get the majority. >> jack, let me ask you, one of the complaints we've heard is that speaker boehner has a policy he does not bring a bill to the floor of the house that does not have a majority republican vote. can they pass something in the house with a majority of democratic votes and then find 17 republicans to get this through? >> i think it's unlikely and i think it's unlikely all the way around this would happen.
10:32 pm
look, obama wins the optics of this politically either way. it's a bad time to be a republican, let's face it, but there's no incentive for boehner and the republicans to do a deal with obama. the simple reason, tom, obama will not agree to any significant spending cut. so why give him any kind of a grand bargain that the press will give him credit for and he can end the year as some kind of victorious guy? if you look at the u.s. deficit is about $4 trillion a year. these tax increases cover about 400 billion. that's 9 or 10%. that's. it the rest of this battle is over entitlements. i mean the democrats could solve this whole thing simply by agreeing to a minor increase, just a two year increase. >> the president did put that on the table and the republicans reject that. the real issue here is there going to be a self-inflicted wound to the economy? the uncertainty here. either way taxes on the wealthy are going up. they'll go up under a deal approved in the last hours which may or may not happen or
10:33 pm
if it doesn't, there's no deal, then we go over the so-called cliff and the tax goes up there. so either way taxes are going up. >> if the president wanted a deal on entitlements, all he has to do is raise the age from social security to 65 to 67, maybe 68. that solves the entire problem. the president won't deal on that. >> it's a separate issue with its own trust fund. that could be solved fairly easy. you're right about that. it's medicare that's the bigger problem. >> if they agreed to that either raising the age on either social security or medicare or both which is what they should do and will need to do at some point in the future, a deal could easily be struck with boehner? how lazy have we become as a society when working for two more years is causing the democratic party to pull back? >> let me stop you there. i let you go on because both of you hammered the crux of the debate, but you brought up the speaker. how confident are we that speaker boehner is speaking for his own party? had he to pull his own plan b
10:34 pm
-- he had to pull his own plan b off the floor last week? >> that's a good question. i think he's doing the best job he can under the circumstances. john boehner interest a moderate. you're right. the tea party does not love him. one thing this is so hard politically is boehner doesn't want to shove down the throat of tea party members if he makes them vote on that, eric cantor could end up speaker. it's a dicey situation for boehner. >> that's why maybe if we go over the cliff and tax goes up on everybody and then they can vote in january to cut taxes on say 98% of people. that's sort of the reverse logic that the republicans will twist themselves into thinking that they've done something here, but either way taxes on the wealthy are going up. i think they finally understand that. >> the real issue is if i were boehner or mitch mcconnell, i would want to put this issue behind us as quickly as we can because we're going to move on to the gun control debate january, february, march. that's a very favorable issue
10:35 pm
for republicans. >> they wouldn't even go on tv to talk about it, but that's a separate issue. >> we're short on time. we're looking at sunday night the house coming back in presumably to vote on something. we don't know what. what's the timeline? are you expecting that the speaker is going to call the house back in sunday because they will have a deal in place by then? >> who knows? i don't think anybody knows that. it's possible. it's possible there's no deal. i just don't think at this point we can say for certain either way. >> i kind of agree. i don't think you'll see a deal can. the real problem is you don't have time. -- deal come. the real problem is you don't have time. maybe a weak extension the house and senate could pass slightly different versions. they'll have to conference. it it's going to be tough. >> we appreciate your time, gentlemen. thank you. up next a huge bust at dulles airport, the rare drug that's now off the streets. >> and later from superstorm sandy to scorching summer temperatures we'll look back at
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the wild weather of 2012. call it fiscal cliff friday, stocks taking a nosedive again as lawmakers take their fight into the final hours. congress and the president have until the ball drops new year's eve to figure something out on those automatic tax hikes and spending cuts, but union workers have figured out a deal to avoid the so-called container cliff for now with the massive weekend strike looming, the longshoremen, shippers, operators and ports all agreeing to extend the union's contract until early february and avoid port shutdowns. meantime as the year winds down, 2012 is shaping up to be a pretty good one for banks. american banks closing out their best profits in six years and fewest failures since 2008, 51 banks closed their doors this year, still a lot historically but well below recent levels. drumroll, please. the top money making star of
10:37 pm
2012, denzel washington. theater owners nationwide say moviegoers flock to denzel's movies more than anyone else's and hathaway and hugh jackson round out the top three. that's business. i'm eric bolling.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. hey, look! a shooting star!
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ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus is celebrating a court victory today. back in 2000 several animal rights groups sued the circus claiming its elephants were abused. today one of the groups, the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, agreed to settle its part of the suit and pay the circus more than $9 million. the courts found out that animal rights activists had paid a former circus employee
10:41 pm
to bring the suit. head to virginia where federal authorities revealed an enormous drug bust at dulles international airport. customs and border protection officers seized nearly 214 pounds of khat last week. khat is a dangerous stimulant drug and when it's ingested it has long lasting effects on the people who take it. officers say the drug was being shipped from qatar and they found it during a routine inspection. this is the largest khat bust at dulles since 2010 when officers seized more than 380 pounds of the plant. a woman in upstate new york is charged tonight with supplying the guns used in that christmas eve ambush that killed two firefighters. 24-year-old dawn nguyen is facing state and federal charges accused of buying a. >> semi automatic rifle --
10:42 pm
buying a semi automatic rifle and a handgun. two firefighters were killed and two others were wounded. spengler then killed himself. coming up at 11:00 a glamorous star with a mysterious past, newly released documents show marilyn monroe and the fbi, what was their concern about her communist ties? >> we'll also tell you how to sign up for public tickets to the inaugural ball coming up on the news edge tonight at 11:00. [ male announcer ] ó there are plenty of reasons to be jolly
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from snow to twisters and the superstorm extreme weather seemed to be the norm for much of the country in 2012. fox news meteorologist janice dean takes a look back. >> 2012 had more than its fair share of wild weather. whether it was destructive, deadly or plain hot extreme weather affected americans in every part of the country. after a mild winter for most spring roared in with
10:46 pm
tornadoes, twisters tearing through several states wiping out communities and killing several people. a devastating ef4 tornado with winds up to 200 miles per hour hit the midwest. henryville and maryville, indiana completely obliterated, heartbreaking stories of families ripped apart like this tragic case of toddler angel babcock. her family was killed when the twister struck their mobile home. angel was found in a field near her home. the summer months brought little relief with scorching temperatures throughout much of the east coast and midwest along with historic drought conditions. with soaring temperatures communities struggled to maintain their water supply. farmers harvested a fraction of their crop and ranchers weren't able to feed their cattle. it was the worst drought in 50 years that plagued 2/3 of the nation. the drought conditions made it ripe for wildfires.
10:47 pm
the waldo canyon fire in colorado rained for days killing two people -- raged for days killing two people destroying over 300 homes and scorching over 18,000 acres. it was fueled by the dry brush and fierce winds. the unrelenting heat proved deadly in the mid-atlantic and midwest states after july storms killed at least 22 people across the area. it also knocked out power leaving millions sweltering. heat-related deaths climbed to at least 20 in the chicago area. the big easy was not spared this year. hurricane isaac making landfall near new orleans on the eve of the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. isaac made landfall as a category 1 hurricane. the slow moving storm drenched low lying coastal areas. here's one of the hardest hit areas, plaquemines parish. it then moved slowly inland inundating communities in arkansas as it passed. an eerie sight in the skies over phoenix as a massive dust
10:48 pm
storm called a haboob blows in. winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour brought in dust and sand from the desert. 2012 also saw the birth of a superstorm, a devastating hurricane that collided with a powerful cold system from canada that slammed the northeast. sandy made landfall in south jersey in late october flooding beach communities, submerging highways and washing iconic boardwalks into the ocean. new york city's downtown skyline fell dark. in breezy point queens homes went up in flames. areas of long island, staten island filled with debris. sandy claimed at least 100 lives and changed the landscape of the jersey shore and just a week later another blow when the area was blanketed by snow, sleet and rain from a nor'easter. according to fema, vicious heatwaves, wildfires, hurricanes and severe storms will cost this year alone more than $100 billion in repair
10:49 pm
costs. in new york i'm meteorologist janice dean, fox news. >> you look at all that and you almost forget about our own derecho here in our area. >> the weather was so bad this year i feel like you guys were making up names like haboob did she say in her story and derecho? where do those come from? >> here's another one for you, cold moon. that's what we have tonight. >> sounds like a wine, have some cold moon. >> would that be a red or a chardonnay? i'm not sure. isn't it beautiful? craig little, the photographer who captured this for us earlier this evening and those nice high thin cirrus clouds out ahead of it. i didn't look at it, but probably with those clouds in front of it there was probably a big ring around the moon and old folklore would tell you that means weather change is coming and that's what happens. we do have snow that will start moving of the in 38 now in
10:50 pm
town, out in the suburbs pretty chilly, manassas freezing at 32, winchester, gaithersburg 32 and frederick 30 degrees. the temperatures may get colder, but with the clouds thickening up in advance of the snow temperatures won't drop off too much, probably get down to 34 in town. winter weather advisory was posted earlier today. all the counties in purple, get used to these. we've had a couple so far in the last couple weeks. we'll probably see some more. not for the district, not for fairfax county or prince george's county, but montgomery county right here, rockville, leesburg, frederick, hagerstown, washington county and right down that i-81 corridor the snowfall totals will be higher out there and certainly the higher elevations will pick up more. it's beginning to look like here in town probably not much. this trend continues to maybe introduce a little bit more in the way of rain here in the district than perhaps what we were thinking earlier. so we'll go with that and you
10:51 pm
can see all this precipitation getting closer to us, very doesn't shutoff between the cold and the rain. so there's just going to be basically an area of snow and then an area of rain and it's going to be a little in between but not much. we can see current radar imagery now. we're already beginning to see a little light snow moving up towards the northwest. it will fill in, though. i think by sunrise, so overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning just about everybody will be getting in on the act. here is futurecast tomorrow at 4 a.m. it starts to get in here to the city and moves across. at 9 a.m. we still have snow in the district, but that won't last long. as we transition it, looks like we begin to move the rain/snow line up north and west. we could get maybe an inch in the city. then it goes over to rain and moves out late afternoon. we're going 34 tonight in town. it's cold enough for snow because it will start as snow
10:52 pm
and be more of a mix to the south and east, winds to the northeast 5 miles per hour. here's the setup, mostly snow early, snow rain at 12 and by 5:00 it's gone. in terms of snowfall totals in the city i'm thinking maybe a wet slushy 1 inch, but it wouldn't surprise me if the eastern part of town just gets rain or a little coating, western and northwestern sections of town maybe that slushy inch and as you progress farther out to the north and west, you know, montgomery county, maybe you get a wet 2 and up to frederick county, western loudoun county, you're talking maybe 2 to 3 inches of snow. keep going farther west in the higher elevations, 3, 4, and maybe an isolated place where you could get 5 inches of snow. this is a fairly fast moving storm system. it will become a very strong storm system in the northeast. it looks like once it gets off the coast it really gets a lot stronger. fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast, 38 tomorrow, again snow that goes to rain here in town.
10:53 pm
how often does that happen? almost always. it's breezy sunday but sunny, 40 degrees and then as we get into new year's eve right now looks dry. i threw a snowflake in on new year's day just meaning cold with a few snow showers. into next week and next weekend it looks like we'll get some real arctic cold air coming. >> oh, that's not good. >> hopefully it won't mix with precip and be snow, but be on the lookout for that next week. >> thanks for the heads up, gary. this holiday shopping season is not over yet, folks. sadly consumers are out -- savvy consumers are out there taking advantage of post christmas sales. fox's brenda buttner has the details. >> reporter: the holiday shopping season may have started with thanksgiving, but it didn't end with christmas. the post holiday window is a key part of the retail rush for business owners and consumers alike with sales including both winter close-outs and
10:54 pm
redemption of gift cards. >> it's a great time to use holiday gift camps one, you get a lot more bang for -- cards. one, you get a lot more bang for your buck if you take advantage of holiday sales. that's why it's such a great gift particularly for parents to give their own children if you'd be buying those things. >> reporter: winter apparel is moving. >> hats, coats, merchants will really be trying to move that merchandise out. you will find great deals. >> reporter: another smart buy post christmas, anything holiday oriented. >> they've got to make way for things in the spring. think ahead. the wrapping paper that isn't too holiday specific can be used all year wrong to wrap wedding presents and birthday presents. the heavily discounted toys could be birthday gifts throughout the year. it's a good time to stock up. >> reporter: to streamline any returns, read the fine print. not all stores take back online purchases and no gift receipt could mean no return. stores like william sonoma won't take a gift back without
10:55 pm
a receipt unless it's defective. bloomingdale's only gives credit for the lowest selling price in the past three months for returns with no receipt. brenda buttner, fox news. coming up on fox 5 a former professional mixed martial arts fighter turned crime fighter, his story next.
10:56 pm
oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue.
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10:58 pm
a suspected thief got more than he bargained for when he tried to run out of a store in st. louis. that's when he confronted a former mixed martial arts fighter. here is the story. >> reporter: snook's grocery store confirmed the shoplifting suspect was detained inside their store. jesse finney saw a man trying to run out of the store. >> he was obviously going the wrong way and one of the workers was trying to grab him.
10:59 pm
>> reporter: finney owns two martial arts schools. he was alarmed when the suspected thief tussled with a female employee. so he grabbed the suspected thief and pinned him to the ground. >> he was still trying to fight me and saying some choice words, if i let him up he was going to do that this and if i let him up, he was going to do that. he wasn't getting up. so i was like just chill out, relax. i'm not going to hurt you. police are on their way. you're going to get arrested. >> reporter: finney says mma is about more than physical ability. he says it's the mental discipline and respect that allowed him to keep cool under pressure. that's what he teaches the students as young as 4. >> i was lucky enough i was able to use my martial arts experience. if i wouldn't have had that i couldn't have helped somebody or possibly hurt him. luckily i didn't. so it worked out really well. >> reporter: mixed martial arts fighting has exploded in popularity. but so has certain perceptions. >> i feel like a lot of people think oh, since you're an mma
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